On-Site Fastener Testing Lab

Birmingham Fastener is fortunate to have an in-house fastener testing lab focused on ensuring the quality of both our manufactured and distributed products. Our lab helps you meet regulations and provide knowledge of each type of fastener’s composition and limits. 

Our dedicated experts strive for excellence each day to provide fast turnaround testing services to our facilities. We pride ourselves on being ISO 17025:2017 certified. This international standard lays out the criteria for testing and calibration laboratories to establish a quality management system. Our fastener testing lab has met every criteria within this standard to help guarantee your fasteners are expertly tested each day.

Having an ISO certified fastener testing lab on site has enabled us to increase efficiency across operations. Instead of having to wait days to receive testing results, we have the capability to test and ship our products on the same day to get you your products faster.

Our lab services include:

  • Wedge Tensile*
  • Axial Tensile*
  • Proof Load*
  • Hardness (HRB and HRC - Core and Surface)
  • Rotational Capacity (½”- 1 ½”)
  • Smooth Steel and Rebar (11/32” to 1 1/2” diameter) 

*1/2” to 1-1/2” Bolts UNC 2A Threads & 5/8” to 1-1/2” All-thread or Double End Rods UNC 2A Threads*

At Birmingham Fastener, we take great care in ensuring you receive safe, quality fasteners for your projects. Having an on-site testing lab allows us to take ownership of our quality and ensure our products meet all standards.


To learn more about the capabilities of Birmingham Material Testing Services, call or contact today!



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