Bracing Hardware

Brace Ends
Brace ends are designed to provide fast and efficient guy strands termination in metal building construction. Bracing Ends are designed for use with standard guy strands 9/16 diameter or less, produced to ASTM A.475 or CSA G12 specifications. Holding strength is a minimum of 100% of the rated strength of the strand. Bracing ends have a left hand lay and are available in a complete range of sizes to fit any guy strand size. Our brace ends are manufactured by Payer Industries ®. To view more information, check out our flyer.

Eyebolts connect rope or cable to a building or equipment through a circular loop on one end of the bolt. The other end, the shank, is a threaded fastener with anchors the eye to a base.

EHS Cables
EHS galvanized cable is designed for bracing and tensioning application. It is commonly used in guying and tensioning applications, as it does not stretch much.

A turnbuckles is designed for adjusting tension and cable length. They are typically used alongside eyebolts and clevises. Turnbuckles have right hand internal threads on one end and left hand internal threads on the other, which allows for the assembly to tighten at both ends simultaneously.

Clevises are components of tie rod assemblies and are often used alongside turnbuckles. In typical cross bracing assemblies, a threaded rod is supported at each end by a clevis. One end of each clevis will grip onto a steel plate and is secured with a pin. When a single tie rod is used between two clevises, one end of the assembly uses right hand thread and the other end uses left hand thread. As the rod is turned, the assembly tightens.

Brace Rods
Brace Rods are used similarly to EHS Cable but are used in larger buildings with taller eaves. The taller eaves create greater magnification of loads, and this requires the use of larger diameter round bar. Typically, 1/2" to 3/4" diameter round bar is common but can be larger depending on the application. These rods are often referred to by a few names: brace rods, sag rods, or double end rods. Birmingham Fastener manufacturers Brace Rods and also offers an in-house paint system to match your building colors.