Houston Fastener Manufacturing: Serving the Oil and Gas Industry
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Houston Fastener Manufacturing joined the Birmingham Fastener family in 2019 to spearhead our service to the oil and gas industry. They offer 24 hour call out service, same day shipping on certain items, just-in-time delivery, and vendor managed inventory services. 


Houston Fastener Manufacturing Capabilities and Features

Our ASTM-A193/A320 Carbon studs are manufactured from 1/4” diameter to 4” diameter in plain, Teflon, yellow zinc, and other finishes. We have a large inventory of studs on hand, and we will manufacture any custom orders at top speed! Our ASTM-A193/A320 Stainless steel studs are manufactured from 1/4” to 3” diameter. We also supply all necessary components, including ASTM-A194 Heavy Hex nuts.

-  Cut to length all thread studs ranging from ¼” to 4” dia up to 144” long

-  Thread to length hex bolts

-  Cut thread double ends, single end and tap end studs

-  Specialized stamping, color coding, labeling and packaging per customer requirements. 

-  B7 Studs/2H Nuts Assemblies

-  Teflon Coating (not limited to blue, green, black, brown in both 1400 & 1000 series)

-  Plating (not limited to yellow and clear in both cadmium and zinc plating, hot dipped galvanizing and mechanical galvanizing)

Quality Procedures at HFM

Houston Fastener Manufacturing takes pride in manufacturing quality regarding product appearance, reliability, craftsmanship, and traceability. We also pay special attention to the small details for our customers’ requests for stamping, packaging, and labeling. 

Houston Fastener Manufacturing complies with ISO 9001 standards set forth by Birmingham Fastener while they work on their own ISO certification. HFM Quality Managers, Dayan Hernandez and Ben Johnston, are constantly working to improve receiving, manufacturing, inspection, and staging procedures to ensure efficient traceability. 

All material received by vendors is counted, inspected and material test reports are verified against the ASTM standards to confirm material is in accordance with all mechanical and chemical requirements. Once received, all material is tagged with the purchase order number and heat/lot numbers.  If/when there is a material rejection, the material is tagged and put on hold on the “Quality Control Hold” rack.  We will then proceed with the vendor for further action.

Any and all material manufactured by Houston Fastener is stamped in accordance with ASTM standards and any other stamping requested by the customer.  A router is created at the time of order entry and travels through the shop with the material once that material is pulled for the job.  After manufacturing, the material is then staged and tagged with the customer name, sales order number, purchase order number from vendor and heat/lot numbers to allow full traceability throughout the shop.

In house, HFM can perform sample or 100% hardness testing on material requested by the customer and after any third party processing.  Houston Fastener also maintains a Positive Material Identification (PMI) gun in house for customer PMI requests, as well as in-house sample inspection of incoming material.


Our sales experts at Houston Fastener Manufacturing can provide a quick quote for your project! Call or contact today!


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