Custom Bent Bolts for Any Project

Bent bolts are used in a variety of industries including waterworks, steel fabrication, metal building, and more.

Types of Bent Bolts

Birmingham Fastener manufactures and distributes different types of bent bolts including anchor bolts, U-bolts, eye bolts, and offset eye bolts (or tie bolts).

Anchor bolts are used to attach structures to concrete and are used in all types of projects. Birmingham Fastener supplies 90-degree anchor bolts, as well as J-shaped bolts. Custom bending is available.

Offset eye bolts, or tie bolts, are commonly used in the waterworks industry. These bolts are used in conjunction with tie rods or all thread rods to tighten a connection.

Round bent U-bolts are typically used for attaching pipe or steel round bar to a round wood or steel post. Another common application is to hang wrought iron pipe in mechanical installations. They can also be embedded in concrete and used as anchor bolts. To learn more about our inventory of bent bolts, browse our products.

Custom Bent Bolts and Fast Turnaround

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of domestic and imported bent bolts, Birmingham Fastener can meet your needs. Our manufacturing team offers custom bending for particular projects. Partnering with the right fastener supplier is key, and we know what sets us apart is our knowledge of fasteners, our huge inventory of on-hand products, and our ability to customize bolts. With such a large inventory, were able to get your bolts to you as soon as you need them.

Contact us today for a quote on your bent bolts, or visit our Learning Hub to find U-Bolt Length Charts and more resources for your project.


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How to Measure a U-Bolt

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