Sealants and Flashing

Birmingham Fastener offers a full line of sealants, tapes, and pipe flashing for the metal building industry. Our sealant line offers Titebond™ by Franklin adhesives. Titebond™ in all industry standard colors. Titebond™, unlike most sealants, does bond to Kynar.  Titebond™ will also bond while submerged underwater and in below freezing temperatures. It is also VOC compliant.

We also carry a full line of mastic (butyl) tapes in various sizes and dimensions including Curb Seal, as well as the hard to find double and triple beads. In addition to the mastic tapes, we also offer a “gunnable” non-skinning butyl in a standard caulk tube.

Our flashing products include round base, square base, high temp, and retro fit. These products come in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your needs. We also have a full line of closures. The design of each closure shape guarantees a snug fit for each standard metal building panel. Closure products are available in the standard foam (cross-link polyethylene) as well as EPDM and different variations of vented closure, closure offered with and without adhesive. We can also produce special closures for your company or industry-specific designs. Contact our experienced sales team today to start your next project.