Kitting and Assembly

Optimize Your Inventory With Custom Fastener Kitting

Streamline production and improve cost control with our comprehensive fastener kitting and assembly services. Our fully customizable services allow us to design packaging and assembly programs specific to your company’s needs. From detailed labeling to custom container sizes, our distribution centers can package to your unique specifications.

Expedite Production With Pre-Assembled Fasteners

Our distribution centers are equipped with multiple assembly tables and tools to quickly assemble and pack product components. Regardless of order size, we have the capabilities for quick implementation and fast turnaround. Get Quote

Improve Your Supply Chain With Full Inventory Management

Birmingham Fastener doesn’t just offer kitting and assembly services — we also offer best-in-class vendor-managed inventory solutions. Birmingham Fastener Managed Inventory (BFMI) offers an end-to-end solution for your C-component supply chain. From point-of-use bin stocking to just-in-time deliveries, BFMI provides 100 percent on-site project management to maximize workflow. Our team is committed to providing our BFMI partners with unique, innovative, and LEAN VMI programs. See 10-30 percent reductions in your total cost of ownership by partnering with BFMI. Learn more

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