Birmingham Fastener Announces Steel City Bolt Acquisition

April 26, 2021

Birmingham Fastener is excited to announce the acquisition of Steel City Bolt and Screw. With over 100 years of combined fastener production, the acquisition strengthens Birmingham Fastener’s product offering, equipment depth, and most importantly it allows us to add teammates to our world class staff. 

Brad Tinney, owner of Birmingham Fastener says, “With this acquisition we continue to double down on domestic manufacturing and provide our customers with a domestic solution on any fastener requirement they have. This equipment will assist in our expansion into the Carolinas and continue to expand our east coast footprint. Our customer base is second to none and we will ensure their needs are meet and expectations are exceeded.”

Operations of Steel City Bolt and Screw will be consolidated into the production facility at our corporate headquarters in Birmingham Alabama. In doing this, the level of service we can offer our valued customers will be increased. Customer service remains paramount at Birmingham Fastener; in-turn, all Steel City Bolt and Screw customers will become valued partners of Birmingham Fastener and be serviced as a top priority. 

Birmingham Fastener continues to invest in the future and make strategic moves and acquisitions that will yield long term benefits for our customers. Our plan is to take this 100 years of customer service and turn it into 200 years of outrageous service for our entire family of customers.

You will see a lot of information in the coming days and we can’t wait to build and strengthen new partnerships with the customers of Steel City Bolt and Screw.  


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