Common Issues with Metal Building Screws
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Avoiding Issues with Metal Building Screws

While metal building screws are easy to install in the best conditions, some contractors have difficulty with installation on the jobsite. Simple mistakes can cause massive delays.

The most common solution to ensuring your metal building screws perform correctly when you need them is by storing them correctly. Too often, we see cardboard boxes sitting on construction sites exposed to the elements. Screw boxes often end up waterlogged, causing the perfect condition for rust to form on your metal building screws.

Taking the time to properly store your screws and fasteners can save you time, money, and plenty of headaches. That said, there are a few other common issues with metal building screw installation that also have simple solutions. Let’s go over some now.

Tool Issues

The phrase “understanding the tools of the trade” is literal when it comes to metal building screws and fabrication. Having the right tools makes all the difference. If you’re experiencing metal building screw issues, consider your tools first.

Sometimes, your team is using the wrong tool. Contrary to popular belief, impact tools and screw guns are not the same thing. Using an impact tool might seem like a good way to speed things along, but impact tools can add stress to the fastener. They end up over-torquing the fastener and result in failure. Though screw guns may be “slower,” they are the best way to ensure your metal building screws are properly installed. Slow and steady wins the race!

Even if you’re using a screw gun, you may still run into problems. Be sure you’re using the right drill bit or drill point for the job whether you’re using self tappers or self drillers.

Self tappers require a pilot hole, so it’s important to ensure you’re making the pilot hole the right size and using the correct drill bit, so you don’t strip the screw head. For self drillers, be sure you’re using the right drill point for the application. This can save you valuable time on the job.

It’s also important to ensure you’re taking the time to set the tool and avoid overdriving the metal building screws. Remember, a key component of metal building screws is the sealing washer that is used to waterproof the steel building. While you want everything snug, you don’t need to overdrive the screw which often leads to deforming the sealing washer and causes leaks. Letting the screw gun do the work ensures you avoid leaks and other issues over time.

Fastener Issues

If you’re still having issues despite using the right tools and storing fasteners properly, it may be an issue of the fastener. Having the right metal building screws for your job is critical to a safe, easy construction.

When it comes to fasteners, be sure to know what you need before purchasing. Using the wrong type of metal building screws can cause poor connection strength and result in corrosion.

Before you purchase materials, work with your contractor to determine exactly what type of metal building screws you need.

To get the best fasteners for your job, discuss your needs with Birmingham Fastener’s expert sales team. Birmingham Fastener sources the best quality for metal building screws and can offer advice to help you succeed.

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