Birmingham Fastener Announces Acquisition of Rubber Gasket Company, Champion

Birmingham Fastener is excited to announce the acquisition of Champion Sales and Manufacturing, Inc., a leading rubber gasket company based in Magnolia, Texas. With over 100 years of combined experience in the rubber gasket industry, the acquisition strengthens Birmingham Fastener’s waterworks product offering and manufacturing diversity. Most importantly, it allows us to add teammates to our world-class staff.

Champion manufactures mechanical joint, push-on, and other gaskets for the waterworks industry. With this acquisition, Birmingham Fastener and its sister companies can expand product and service offering to their customers.

“Jerry Franey has always been someone I have looked up to in the waterworks industry,” says Birmingham Fastener CEO Brad Tinney, “I am deeply humbled that his family chose Birmingham Fastener to continue the legacy he started in 1983. We both share a deep belief in domestic manufacturing”

Birmingham Fastener has been manufacturing and supplying waterworks fasteners for over forty years. We have grown our business around waterworks customers and have a diverse offering of any fastener required in the industry.

“Champion Manufacturing is well known for their experience in creating the highest quality, custom made gaskets,” says Tinney, “Champion’s technology and expertise will allow us to better support our customers as they seek custom gaskets made from specialty rubbers and elastomers that are manufactured to the tightest tolerances right here in Magnolia, Texas.”

Birmingham Fastener continues to invest in the future and make strategic moves and acquisitions that will yield long term benefits for our customers.


About Birmingham Fastener: Founded in 1980, Birmingham Fastener is a leading domestic manufacturer and distributor of fasteners for structural steel fabrication, metal building manufacturers, water works, OEM, and MRO. The Birmingham Fastener family of companies consists of multiple locations across the nation. In 2018, Birmingham Fastener received the Alabama Manufacturer of the Year award.

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