Birmingham Fastener Announces K-T Bolt Acquisition

Birmingham Fastener is excited to announce the acquisition of K-T Bolt Manufacturing, Inc. based in Katy, Texas. With over 100 years of combined fastener production, this acquisition strengthens Birmingham Fastener’s product offering and manufacturing diversity. Most importantly, it allows us to add teammates to our world-class staff and will yield long-term benefits for our customers. In doing this, the level of service we can offer to our customers will be increased.

K-T Bolt Manufacturing provides custom fabrication, closed-die forging, in-house heat treating, and electropolishing. With this partnership, Birmingham Fastener and its sister companies can expand product and service offerings to their customers. Randy Peck will stay on as President of K-T Bolt and join the leadership team at Birmingham fastener, offering his expertise in the field.

“The future of our company is now and always will be about growth and productive changes. At the same time, we must hold fast to our core values like world-class service, accountability, and a commitment to excellence that we’ve had since my father founded this company in 1980” says Brad Tinney, President and CEO of Birmingham Fastener. “This partnership allows us to further expand our footprint and strengthen our commitment to American fastener manufacturing.”

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